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How to Build a Productive Customer Success Team

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Does your company have a customer success team?

It should because that’s how you make your money. It’s estimated that businesses lose up to 20% of their customers on an annual basis. Think about how much income that could cost you every year. Your customer success team can change all that, and even bring in more paying customers. 

Let’s take a look at how to build a productive customer success team.

Build a Culture within Your Company

It all starts at home. You can’t expect your employees to keep your customers happy if they’re miserable themselves. Studies have shown that 21% of employees who have a better work-life balance are more productive and dedicated. So if you’re pushing your employees with 12+ hour days it’s hurting you. 

Be willing to listen to your team. Adjust work schedules and allow your employees more breaks. The numbers all point to higher employee morale.

Higher employee morale will lead to a more successful customer success platform because they’re passing that happiness onto their customers. 

Even if you think employee unhappiness doesn’t show it does and customers pick it up fast. 

Create a Roadmap to Success

Employees want and need to learn and grow. Show your customer success team their roadmap to success. This includes education, training, and relevant rewards when they meet their goals. Give them an insight into your goals and ambitions.

The key is to treat them like human beings not like pawns in your great project. Again, this has a beneficial boost to employee morale.

It also makes your employees more proficient over time. Use customer success software to track their progress and hold regular personal meetings with each member of the team to show them how they can improve.

Craft a Real Community

A community is not just a way for customers to interact with your company. It allows customers to interact with each other. Some bosses may worry about the impact of this, but the truth is that this gives valuable feedback and makes customers feel a part of the brand.

There’s a reason why companies are always initiating social media sharing campaigns. They want customers to meet each other and to have fun together.

Don’t just look at your customer success team as a one-way channel between customer and company.

Guide the Process from the Top

A customer success team requires guiding from the very top. You don’t want the team to feel isolated and lost. It should be integrated within the company.

For example, you may decide to provide them with a direct and regular collaborative channel that consists of both the customer service and marketing teams. Everything links together and these three teams can provide valuable feedback to each other. That way your company is working like a well-oiled machine.

Employees demand insight and they want to know where they’re going. They’re not going to be impressed by the profits you made this month. They want something more than that so they can move forward in their careers and see a better future ahead of them.

Helping them to see that what they’re doing is in their own best interests is a key part of keeping your customer success team motivated and excited to provide a great customer experience.

Know What Metrics to Track

There are a thousand metrics you can track. But you shouldn’t be wasting your time tracking everything. With the help of software, you can track the metrics you need to track.

One of the main metrics you should track is whether you’re retaining your regular customers. This should be one of the primary goals of the customer success team. The mark of success is that your customers keep coming back for more every time you release a new product or service.

Another metric you should be tracking is buy-through rates. Again, your customer success team will be instrumental in this. They’ll show customers the benefits of buying from your company and why this is the right option for them.

Last Word – Making Sure that You Keep Customers Happy

Ultimately, the customer success team is about keeping customers happy. If you’re unable to do that you’ll have a hard time ensuring that your company keeps the money ticking through.

Do you have plans for a customer success team yet?


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