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How Content Marketing Assists with Bringing You Quality Leads

Published on 1st February 2019

Content marketing has remained the best way to generate leads. The types of content might have changed, but the principles of content marketing remain.

If you believe that content marketing is dead, you need to continue reading. You’re about to learn how content marketing allows you to bring in quality leads.

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Superior Lead Generation Rates Compared to Cold Calling

It’s unbelievable how many businesses still use cold calling as a viable strategy for lead generation. We can see that the effectiveness of cold calling has collapsed, and it’s a strategy that’s not coming back.

Cold calling is more likely to lead to you irritating potential leads than anything else.

The reason why content marketing is more effective than cold calling is that when you write a piece of targeted content, you’re reaching the people who are likely to have an interest in your product or service.

With cold calling, you don’t know until you try. You’re just calling around and hoping for success.

Automated Email Marketing Encourages Stronger Relationships with Leads

Lead generation is rarely as simple as getting in touch with someone and making a sale. It takes time to build that relationship.

One type of content marketing that achieves this is email marketing. Automated email marketing is included for free with most newsletter platforms, and it provides you with a funnel that can be used to consistently develop a relationship with every potential lead.

It keeps the pressure on, and it keeps the relationship fresh. The fact is email marketing is not dead, in fact, it’s far from it.

It’s also an excellent way of introducing potential quality leads to pieces of content that they wouldn’t necessarily trust to invest time and effort in at the beginning of the relationship.

Demonstrate Authority Through Unique Content

Longer pieces of content include white papers, courses, and eBooks. These are pieces of unique content that demonstrate industry authority and provide real value to potential leads.

With so much competition in every industry, you need to stand out from your competitors. This form of content marketing is designed to take leads and turn them into customers.

Opting to give before expecting anything makes it more likely that you’ll attract leads. You’re giving them value for free.

It’s like a free sample. You’re showing your proficiency and demonstrating why your product/service is worth paying for.

Stay Relevant and Beat Out the Competition

Take an SEO agency as an example. Unless you need SEO services immediately you have no reason to check in with that agency.

Over time, this lack of relevancy can hurt their business. That’s why every type of company needs to work on staying relevant. That’s where content marketing comes in.

Some leads may take months, or even, years to yield a sale. Great content that offers something to the lead will maintain your relevancy AND keep them coming back to your site.

It can even accelerate the relationship because they will know that your services are so valuable, they can’t possibly wait.

Closing Thoughts: Why Content Marketing is So Important for Lead Generation

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that content marketing is purely about the start of a relationship. Yes, it’s important for generating leads, but it’s also vital for bringing leads to a natural buying conclusion.

Think about every stage of turning a lead into a customer and content marketing plays a vital role at every turn. Companies with lots of leads may need to consider a lead handling service to make managing everything easier.

How are you going to use content marketing for lead generation?