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19 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch

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Female entrepreneurs are doing big things. However, you may not know this since many articles focus on highlighting males. Therefore, today I am going to introduce you to 19 female entrepreneurs that you are going to want to keep your eye on. 

Adrienne Hughes-Jackson

Adrienne Hughes-Jackson is one part of the mother-daughter fashion team. They have steadily built a brand based around the latest fashions and trends. They also conduct a regular online radio show, where they interact with listeners and discuss the latest stories from the fashion industry.

This family business also works with brands who want to advertise themselves alongside the Hughes-Jackson brand.

Jessica Greenwalt

Jessica Greenwalt is one of the rising stars of the freelance graphic design business. Her skills extend much further than mere graphic design, though. She has also taken part in major advertising and web development projects. It’s enabled her to win awards and appear in numerous publications.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner runs the Making Sense of Cents website. She’s famous for being able to pinch pennies until she could pay off all her student debts in just seven months. These days she operates her business on the road.

As well as her exciting story, she spends her time advising people on how they can save money and pay down their debts. She’s not about teaching people how to make huge amounts of money at once, but she does show her readers how little savings can really add up.

Michelle Pippin

Coaching has become an incredibly large industry in recent years. Nowhere has this become bigger than in the world of small business. Michelle Pippin is one of the leading female voices in small business coaching, and her entire team consists of female business advisers.

She’s created a business where people pay just to talk to her. And her advice isn’t confined to general knowledge. She actively helps entrepreneurs increase their profits.

Louida Martin

Louida Martin runs the site Product Review Mom. However, don’t let the blog name fool you because she’s not running just another review site. Instead, she helps brands get the word out about events, new product releases, and documents different travel locations.

She focuses full time on her blog and is very successful in the affiliate marketing space.

Ella Ozery

Ella Ozery has pioneered bringing women into CrossFit. Everyone knows that CrossFit is a fitness revolution that has taken the world by storm. Ozery decided that there wasn’t enough CrossFit targeted specifically towards women. This is where the BarBella Box was created.

The BarBella Box is a subscription-only box that women can receive every month. In each box, there will be a range of high-quality workout products designed for use with CrossFit. One month could include knee straps and another month could offer a pair of workout pants.

But the goal of the BarBella Box is to encourage women to get fit and healthy.

Carol Leaman

Perhaps the most decorated female entrepreneur on this list is Carol Leaman. She has previously held positions at major technology firms like Fakespace Systems and RSS Solutions. But these days she’s the president and CEO of Anoxify. This is a business that’s all about delivering education to modern-day businesses.

Their services are mainly targeted at the corporate world, with the view that the current Learning Management System is neither effective nor practical. Leaman’s company delivers a brand-new way of corporate learning so managers and CEOs can not only learn new things but also measure the impact of those things.

And what makes Leaman’s achievement so noteworthy is that she’s broken into what’s traditionally a male-dominated world.

Shivaun Palmer

Shivaun Palmer is the founder of Plaid for Women. Her media and blogging platform is all about helping women with the business of life, in Palmer’s own words.

Plaid for Women goes further than most blogging platforms because not only does the site come with helpful blogs, it comes with a radio show. There’s also downloadable content available for women who need help organizing their days.

Palmer’s motivation is that women, children, animals, and the environment are the most vulnerable sections of society. Her passion is creating a business that helps those vulnerable parts of life.

Deborah Sweeney

Starting a business is always tough and Deborah Sweeney wants to make it all a little easier for entrepreneurs all over the world. Her West Coast business is MyCorporation and it helps people through the complex minefield of starting a business. That includes handling all the paperwork and ensuring that businesses are compliant throughout all 50 states.

In addition to that, Sweeney helps companies that need to maintain their paperwork. It’s not just about starting a business, it’s about running that business. And Sweeney prides herself on providing a service that can help entrepreneurs for years to come.

Sweeney’s motivation behind MyCorporation is she knows personally how tough it can be to deal with various pieces of paperwork from state and Federal bodies. Her company takes the strain and stress away.

Paige Arnof-Fenn

Paige Arnof-Fenn has started a global marketing firm as part of her entrepreneurial journey. Maven & Moguls specializes in global marketing strategy. She has gone further than most marketing firms by offering personalized packages to help companies achieve a global reach.

Arnof-Fenn was previously the VP of marketing at Zipcar before deciding to go at it alone. And she also has the experience of working for Launch Media, which started in 1999 and was later sold to Yahoo, when the search engine provider was at its peak.

These experiences, among others, have given Arnof-Fenn experience in working with small, medium, and large companies. She has gone on to apply this knowledge to Maven & Moguls.

 Akia Taylor

Akia Taylor is a business mentor helping businesses of all kinds get off the ground and turn a profit. She is both a Certified Business Coach and an NLP Sales Practitioner. These qualifications come from her vast knowledge of marketing and managing a business from the inside.

Her business experience involves acting as a stockbroker and working for businesses like Citibank, Apple, and Microsoft. It’s meant that Taylor has the knowledge of working for both small operations and huge corporations. It leaves her well-positioned to help businesses in all industries.

Kyshira Moffett

Kyshira Moffett knows how difficult it can be for women to create a career that they can be proud of. She knows that the hardest step is the first one. Getting onto the first step of the career ladder can take months and years to achieve. Moffett specializes in career management. She helps young people start their careers.

Her own experience has led her to operating as a freelance consultant and starting companies like The KSM Group. Moffett decided to take her knowledge of the business world and launch Her Movement.

Her Movement is a career planning and management business providing personalized advice to people all over the country from all backgrounds.

Kristin Marquet

Kristin Marquet is the founder of the Creative Development Agency. It was the next phase after closing her former company Marquet Media. Her success with that company allowed her to start an agency dedicated to helping businesses get the marketing exposure they need.

But she’s not just an SEO agency that claims to get people featured on various websites. She creates spectacular brands by providing as much counsel to businesses as they need to get moving. This is why sites like Forbes and the Huffington Post readily work with her and her clients.

As well as running the Creative Development Agency, she contributes to various websites and is also a published author.

Becky L Duncan

Allowing people to fall in love with a business at first sight is what every entrepreneur wants to do. And this is the business of entrepreneur Becky L Duncan. She’s there to help other entrepreneurs create a business offering that causes clients to fall in love with them at first sight.

Duncan has become a big name in the marketing and branding world for her no-nonsense attitude. She’s not afraid to tell you about what doesn’t work, even if it means making wholesale changes to your company. With her years’ worth of experience, she’s there to grow businesses aggressively.

Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer

The team of Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer are the names behind The Krazy Coupon Lady. They have been dubbed the Queens of Couponing. They’re determined to make sure that ordinary people can save money through the power of couponing.

Their experience comes from being destitute and struggling to pay the bills. With mountains of debt to pay off, they stumbled upon couponing. After they jumped into the art of couponing, they discovered that they could save thousands of dollars every year.

And now these entrepreneurs are giving back to society through the Krazy Coupon Lady.

Erin Blaskie

Building an online business as an entrepreneur is tough. Erin Blaskie has formed a business that helps people build their online business. She helps them through expert advice and strong guidance, with the attitude of a real straight shooter.

Blaskie’s experience is vast and comes from many senior postings at well-known companies. Some of her previous employers include: Disney, Microsoft Canada, PepsiCo, and Feld Entertainment. She’s taking her experiences and giving entrepreneurs important lessons for boosting their businesses.

Brandi Riley

Brandi Riley has established the Courage to Earn group. Riley started this online group to help people all over the world to earn some extra money from their blog. But beyond her online community she’s also a social media manager at SheKnows Media. As a freelancer, she’s a major digital influencer, helping brands to reach new audiences.

Riley is a determined businesswoman who has become extremely successful in a short space of time.

Grace Lever

Grace Lever has done many things during her career. These days her entrepreneurial work revolves around aiding female entrepreneurs in diversifying their business interests and ensuring that they spend their time in the best possible way.

Lever has unveiled a variety of courses, but her flagship campaign is The Doing School. If you’re a female entrepreneur in any field, you should have heard of this female entrepreneur or seen her Facebook ads by now.

If you haven’t you can easily pull her up by searching Grace Lever review.

Last Word – The Female Revolution

Entrepreneurship has traditionally been seen as an industry dominated by males. But as this list proves there are a lot of female entrepreneurs who’re challenging stereotypes. They’re being successful in industries where women are usually low on the ground.

This represents a revolution that’s changing the business world for good. It should act as inspiration for women all over the world to put their business ideas into practice and to make successes of themselves.

But to do that you must take the first step. Are you ready to become an entrepreneur today?







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